Supporting Women in Mind, Body and spirit find their voice, take care of themselves and realize their circumstances don’t dictate who they are or could be. When you’ve lived long enough to know you want something different , it’s time we connect.

I started my career as a RN , working at a Physical Rehab hospital in Chicago. I switched to medical sales and spent the bulk of my career with Hill-Rom, Manufacturing of hospital beds and furniture as a nurse consultant for the speciality bed division. I learned through this job and my time in nursing that ones health can change in an instant and often a new normal has to be established. It is much less than what we had before if we have not been paying attention to our health.

As a young mom I found myself with a sick all the time child. I was introduced to the idea of switching some things in our home, our diets and shifting spending to something more natural.
As I made these changes, my son’s health began to improve and we all started to feel better in our home. I had more energy, lost the remaining baby weight from 4 children and started to look and feel so much better. I wanted to learn more so began doing so with the company of products I was using. As I learned more, I wanted to share more. I turned my focus to helping others with the knowledge I was gaining and stepped into the world of Entrepreneurship and representing the Shaklee brand of products. I love to support others on their journey of life. I am not the end all expert yet I have walked the walked and know what it’s like. I am merely a little farther ahead on my journey and do desire to connect with others to see who I can support them.

Perhaps you are seeking to look and feel better. Let’s connect about nutrition and switching to more natural products.
Perhaps you are seeking a better income or career opportunity? Perhaps you desire to help others but create something of your own with purpose and flexibility. Let’s connect your journey into entrepreneurship with wellness.
Perhaps you want to learn about self care. Pick up a journal and check out my podcast.
Perhaps you are reading to share your story of recovery and overcoming addictions? Let’s connect about being a featured guest on my podcast.

Working with Moyra

Have you lived enough of a life to know you want something different?
Are you searching for freedom and flexibility from your 9 to 5 life but too tired to figure out how to achieve it?
Are you searching for a supportive community ?
I support women in mind, body and spirit, take care of themselves and claim their voice in the world.
I share hope, health and earning an income with a purpose.
I believe it’s never too late to pay attention to your health so that you can live the life of your dreams.
As a business owner and broker for others health while being a wife & mother to 4 wonderful children, I have learned that what is important is when you ask questions, be authentic and make smart choices.
For over 21 years I’ve partnered with one of the leading wellness companies , one with tried & true products and a proven income opportunity.
I never thought as a RN I would have

  • My own business but once I saw how
  • I could create my own schedule
  • Work on my terms
  • Use my skills and passion for helping others
  • Build a life of freedom and flexibility for myself & my family, I WAS ALL IN !

Why Wellness and Why now?

The Leading Global Trends

  • Wellness: All are concerned about health now and know the importance of taking control of it!
  • E-commerce: It’s a click and order society & post pandemic this will remain VERY strong!
  • Side-gig economy: We don’t know what the future holds and those with most success have multi streams of income. I have found a stream of income that is solid and dependable, based on consumable and highly sought after products. Now I can choose how I spend my 💰 money!

How would you spend your residual income?
Travel, Dance lessons, Pay off debt, Retirement and Fun.
When you work with Moyra I come alongside you to help you use your skill to help others and create an income for you and your future.
Leveraged income is a way to create residual income for the future.

I want to bring this opportunity to others who want to experience

  • Time Freedom.
  • Flexibility and unlimited potential.
  • Use their skill set and desire of helping others to create something of their own.
  • A Supportive & FUN community.


Book a free 30 minute Virtual Call with me and let’s discover what is possible for you!