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I share hope, health and earning income with a purpose. It’s time to connect with Me!!!
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Moyra Gorski, RN, BSN
Entrepreneur for 21 years, Moyra leads others to good health, freedom and flexibility and a life they deserve.


Have you lived enough of a life to know you want something different?
I support women in mind, body and spirit, take care of themselves and claim their voice in the world.
I share hope, health and earning an income with a purpose.
If you are ready to discover what is possible for you as a servant leader in wellness, reach out.


Your Journey to JOY podcast :  This is Your Journey to Joy Podcast where you will hear inspiring stories from those who over come all kinds of lifes challenges., tips on how to stay healthy during stress of life and simple ways of finding joy in your own life. There will always be a little chaos that requires some juggling yet when you intentionally seek out JOY, you can life your best life.


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Journey to Joy Journal

This journal was created as a place to write down thoughts and feelings. I have found great value in journaling each day as I reclaimed my health during a very stressful time of my life.
It is now part of my morning routine which consists of:
  • Reading : inspirational stories or motivational books
  • Prayer or Meditation
  • Journaling : getting thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto paper

Consider getting a journal today and start your own Journey to Joy.
In this journal you will hear a little of my story, some prompts of how to get started journaling, a few links to my podcast episodes and lots of inspirational quotes and spaces to doodle, draw and write down your thoughts. I hope you find joy as you fill this journal.

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About Shaklee

Shaklee sets the standard in the wellness and direct selling industry.
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Moyra is a professional, personable and strong leader with an orientation towards health, wellness and connecting. She’s a master networker and believes in the businesses that she backs. I highly recommend working with Moyra and have had the pleasure of being her client-turned-friend over the years.


I started taking the heart health products and drinking the Life shake. My LDL went from 157 to 112 and my HDL went from 72 to 79. My Triglycerides from 147 to 138. Overall, my total cholesterol dropped 40 points. I also dropped 8 pounds using the shakes daily. I am super happy with results…


After struggling with an autoimmune disorder for several years, I attribute taking Shaklee supplement as an integral part of restoring my health. As a compassionate and knowledgeable RN, Moyra has been very helpful and encouragingthroughout my journey to feeling SO MUCH BETTER.


Starting my own business with Shaklee has been one of the best decisions I ever made! In addition to getting incredibly deep discounts on my favorite all-natural health, home, nutrition, and personal-care products, I am able to make an income by doing something that I love! Nothing compares to the feeling I get when a…